Becker Education Foundation

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The Becker Education Foundation is a nonprofit community organization, in partnership with the Initiative Foundation, that seeks to support teachers and students in the Becker School District. We are made up of several community members and alumni. We all care about and are committed to giving back to the schools that gave us, our children, and the community innumerable opportunities to grow and learn. Through the untapped energy and resources of the Becker alumni, as well as the continued support of the community and businesses, we hope to provide additional opportunities for the teachers and students of Becker. 100% of all money raised goes right back into the school through grants and scholarships.

Mission StateMent

The foundation's mission is to cultivate the educational experience of all students within the Becker School District through the connection of our alumni and the support of our community, families, and businesses.


Member information

Nathan Ernst: Co-President

Nick Crowley: Co-President

Luke Fox: Secretary

Candice Hanson: Treasurer

Luke Molus: Board Member

Aubrey Oman: Board Member

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